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  1. IR 100M Tracking IP66 High Speed Camera

  2. IR 100M Tracking IP66 High Speed Camera


  3. Key Features:

    * PWM function, intelligent IR illumination & power consumption is variable, dependant the zoom factor;  
    * IR distance 100M; Multiple languages for OSD menu, English, Spanish, French etc.;   
    * Support ambient light detection, IR illumination on 1-15 grades selectable;    
    * 64 bit CPU, slow speed rate 0.05/s, accuracy 0.01, smooth and even motion;
    * Time scheduling function;       
    * Remote Firmware upgrade via the RS485 bus;       
    * Dome ID, baud rate, communication protocol can be set via the controller;    
    * Supported Protocols: Pelco-D/P; Others on special request;      
    * 6" total metal body construction, waterproof IP66;       
    * Optional IP module (built in provision);       
    * Optional, 4 alarm inputs and 2 alarm outputs. 


    Horizontal Rotation Speed 200/s
    Tilt Rotation Speed 100/s
    Horizontal Rotation Range 360º
    Tilt Rotation Range 93º
    Auto Flip Horizontal 180, Vertical 180
    IR Control Auto/ Manual/ Key
    Ratio Speed Support
    Auto Control IR LED PWM
    PWR on Action Memory/A-B scan/360 scan/Home/Tour 1-3/No action
    A-B Scan User programmable
    A-B Scan Speed 01-64 grades selectable
    360 Scan Speed 01-64 grades selectable
    Dwell Preset 01-60s interval selectable
    Preset Points 220
    Go to Preset Speed 01-64 grades selectable
    Guard Tours 3 groups
    Guard Points Max.16 points, dwell time user selectable
    Park Mode A-B scan/360 scan/Home/Tour 1-3/Off
    Park Time 01-60 mins selectable
    Communication Protocol Pelco-D, Pelco-P
    Communication RS485 Bus
    Baud Rate 1200/2400/4800/9600bps
    Operating Temperature Indoor: 0~ +40 Outdoor: -40~ +60
    Privacy Mask Support ( Only Sony, Samsung)
    Operating humidity 95% Non Condensing
    Heater & Blower Auto temperature control
    Power AC/DC12V 3A
    IR Illumination Distance 100M
    Power Consumption 20W
    Lightning Protection Transient voltage 6000V
    Compatible Camera SONY, LG, CNB, SAMSUNG, etc.
    IR LED Ø20=8, Ø16=3