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  1. RS-485 IP66 Outdoor 6 inch high speed dome camera

  2. RS-485 IP66 Outdoor 6 inch high speed dome camera

    Model: CSJ-H6A

  3. Features:

    * Outdoor 6 inch high speed dome camera, Metal double cover.
    * Use high quality components, high & minute subset into TV, long life Conductive slip ring, High-quality belts, Stable operation, high reliability.
    * Stable running, none dithering under any speed
    * Cover use high intension Aluminum material, with defend impact, shielding and heat dissipation functions, defend levels reach to IP66
    * Internal setting data not lose when electronic cut.
    * Triple lightning protection technology, effectively raising the speed dome mine and anti-jamming capability.

    * Presets: 256  
    * Patrol track: 4groups, each can record 100 actions 
    * Cruise track:Total 30 presets can join cruise, can setting the presets' residence time 
    * Other scan: Support Horizontal scan, deuce area scan, scan random 
    * Rotation range: Horizontal 360°„unlimted rotation, Vertical 180°„,auto reversal
    * Rotation speed: Horizontal & Vertical Min 0.01°„,Max 300°„/S 
    * Communications: RS-485, PELCO D, PELCO P 
    * OSD: Yes  
    * Temperature control: built-in 
    * Power supply: DC12V/3A 
    * Material : Aluminum shell£¨waterproof IP66 
    * Work environment: -20°ś~+50°ś(select temperature control accessories), <95%RH