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  1. HD Anti-shake Hitachi DI-SC120 Through The Fog Zoom Color Camera

  2. HD Anti-shake Hitachi DI-SC120 Through The Fog Zoom Color Camera


  3. Hitachi DI-SC120 through the fog function is very impressive.For expensive camera to penetrate the fog,the DI-SC120 besides have the excellent capability to penetrate the fog , it have 720P HD graphics, excellent low illumination, electronic image stabilization function, 30 x optical zoom, its cost performance is very perfect.


    *  HD 720P line by line scan CCD
    *  30X optical zoom, 30 x optical zoom lens with a high definition camera movement
    *  Minimum sensitivity 0.9 lx
    *  Through the fog function
    *  Electronic image stabilization function
    *  The dual control protocol
    *  16 - bit (Y8 - bit/C8 - bit) digital output
    *  Working temperature - 10 to 60
    *  Equipped with real-time image processing capability to penetrate the fog
    *  White spots to reduce
    *  Can remove infrared filter
    FNR function
    *  Digital Slow Shutter
    *  WDR
    *  Electronic image stabilization function
    *  Natural, true color reproduction
    *  Digital output transmission of high quality images
    low power consumption,
    *  AFP communication protocol


    Model DI-SC120-C DI-SC120R-C DI-SC121-C DI-SC116-C
    Image Sensor
    Image Size 1/3 progressive scanning CCD(opposite angles: 6mm)  
    Total Pixels 1348746(1.00M)
    Effective Pixels 1296736(0.95M)
    horizontal resolution 600TVL(720pOutput)
    Optical zoom ratio 30X Optical Zoom , 2X Digital Zoom 22X Optical Zoom2X Digital Zoom
    Reality F 4.4*132mm 4.4*96.8mm
    Horizontal Angle of view 62.9(W)* 2.2(T) 62.9 (W) * 3.1(T)
    F value F1.4(W)-F4.6(T) F1.4(W)F3.6(T)
    Zoom speed(manual )

    (Preferences : track/Not Track )
    Refer to product specifications
    Refer to product specifications/1.5s
    Video Auto*/manual(far/close)
    Minimum Focal Length 0.01m(W)*3m(T)
    Day/night switch(IR-cut) Auto*(Pro.AER+*/AER)/Manual
    Minimum Illumination (condition: F1.4(W),50 IRE)
    IR-cut On 0.9 lx(1/30s) 0.5 lx(1/30s) 0.5 lx(1/30s) 0.5 lx(1/30s)
    IR-cut Off 0.01 lx(1/4s) 0.01 lx(1/4s) 0.01 lx(1/4s) 0.01 lx(1/4s)
    Iris control
    Auto* Sets the offset
    Manual F1.4-F32(exposure first)
    shutter speed
    Auto* Refer to product specifications
    Auto 1/4-1/10ks(shutter first)
    AGC control
    Auto* Can set a maximum
    Auto 0-35dB(AGC First)
    White Balance(WB) Auto*/Manual
    Wide Dynamic(WDR) OFF*/ON
    light passing through fog OFF*/ON -
    Backlight compensation (BLC) OFF*/ON
    Digital Slow Shutter (DSS) Yes
    The frame output -
    Slow AE 1x*254x
    EIS OFF*/ON(digital zoom max.1.3x) -
    Rollover OFF*/ON
    mirror image OFF*/ON
    Flip Vertical OFF*/ON
    Image Freeze OFF*/ON
    black and white(B&W) OFF*/ON
    Privacy masking(*1) OFF*/ON
    [3D:8 area /360(4 area/screen)]
    Fixed privacy masking -
    Head view -
    Behavioral tracking OFF*/ON
    Activity detection(*1) OFF*/ON
    Multi-user setting Yes (max.111)
    Dynamic eliminate bright spot Yes
    SNR(luminance) -
    Sync System inter-sync
    Command the poison EAP*/AFP
    Video Output
    analog output -
    digital output YUV422,Y8bit+C8bit
    output interface
    analog output -
    digital output 36pin/40pin
    zoom/focus/diaphragm 1000k loop
    Infrared optical filter move 50k loop
    supply voltage DC 9-12V
    supply current9V 330mA
    Max.9V 650mA
    Power consumption9V 3.0 W
    Max.9V 5.9 W
    Operating temperature -10-60
    storage temperature -20-60
    Weight about 260g
    Size(WHD) 506089.5 mm