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  1. Hitachi VK-S114ER Zoom Chassis Camera

  2. Hitachi VK-S114ER Zoom Chassis Camera


  3. The Hitachi VK-S114ER compact chassis-type CCTV cameras designed for easy integration into various video applications. A built-in zoom lens permits the user to monitor the scene from variable viewing angles ranging from wide to telephoto. And remote focus, iris and zoom control are possible with the RS-232C connection. These features plus a 1/4-inch high resolution color CCD pickup make the VKS114ER suitable for a variety of video situations. The VK-S114ER comes in a compact chassis so you can install it in the casing of your choice. The solid metal frame allows the camera to track an object with reliability.

    The VK-S114ER built-in X10 optical zoom lens is highly reliable and offers auto focus, auto iris and zoom functions, letting the user monitor a scene from any desired angle of view. Additionally, the cameras produce up to X12 digital zoom. The total zoom ratio is X120. The chassis is equipped with a high sensitivity, high-resolution 1/4-inch CCD imager featuring approximately 440,000 effective pixels. Thanks to a high 460 TV-lines horizontal resolution, images are reproduced with detail and clarity.

    The VK-S114ER AI Auto Iris: Adjusts iris so that video output is kept at a fixed level, even if surrounding illumination changes. AI Auto White Balance: Provides natural color reproduction according to ambient lighting. You can control the video signal level for backlight compensation. Remote operations are possible via the RS-232C, which allows control of the camera 's focus, iris and zoom. Vertical edges are digitally enhanced to make recorded images clear and stable - useful when monitoring a moving object.


    * RoHS-Compliant
    * High Durability Built-In X10 Optical Power Zoom Lens with Auto Focus/Auto Iris
    * High-Resolution 1/4-Inch Color CCD Pickup
    * AI/Fuzzy Picture Control with Advanced DSP (AI Auto Iris/AI Auto White Balance)
    * Remote Control through RS-232C
    * 2H Vertical Enhancer
    * Internal/External Sync. (AC-Line Pulse Signal)
    * Compact Chassis for Easy Installation
    * Built-In Optical Power Zoom Lens
    * High Resolution
    * AI (Artificial Intelligence) Digital Signal Processing Control
    * Backlight Compensation
    * Remote Control through RS-232C
    * 2H Vertical Enhancer
    * PAL

    *  In corporate, medical, learning institutes and other public places, security camera solutions offer a peace of mind.
    Traffic Management:
    *  Monitoring and responding to ongoing road activity in residential and business areas.