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  1. Hitachi VK-S454ER 1/4 AI Color Block Camera

  2. Hitachi VK-S454ER 1/4 AI Color Block Camera


  3. The VK-S454ER is a lead-free compact chassis-type camera designed for surveillance of various sites under a wide range of light conditions. High-contrast scenes can be captured without glare or loss of detail thanks to the Wide Dynamic Range design. The Digital Slow Shutter and Removable IR Cut Filter function make the camera suitable for monitoring sites at nighttime or dark locations.


    *  Brand: Hitachi
    *  Model Code:  VK-S454ER
    *  Chip Inch Size:  " 1/4
    *  Colour Type: Colour
    *  Resolution TVL: 550
    *  Digital (DSP): Yes
    *  Auto Iris: Auto Iris Lens / AI
    *  Direct Drive: Direct Drive / DD
    *  Sensitivity lux: 3
    *  Electrical Specifications: Voltage: 9 ~ 12
    *  Power Consumption: 2.9 W
    *  Focal Length (mm): 3.6 ~ 82.8
    *  Picture Elements HxV: 724 x 582
    *  Back Light Compensation: Yes
    *  Auto Gain Control: Yes
    *  White Balance: Auto White Balance
    *  Electronic Shutter range: 1/50 ~ 1/4,000
    *  S/ N (Signal/ Noise) Ratio dB: > 50
    vSynchronisation: Internal / Line-lock
    *  Signal Mode: PAL
    *  Mini or Compact: Compact
    *  Zoom: Yes
    *  Physical Specifications: Dimension mm: 50 x 60 x 89.5
    *  Weight : 225G
    *  Environmental Specifications: Operating Temperature oC: 0 ~ +60

    Specifications :

    VK-S454R(NTSC) Lead free
    VK-S454ER(PAL) Lead free
    CCD Image Sensor
    Image Sensor:
    4.5mm Dia. (1/4 inch)
    Total Pixels
    380K(758 x 504)
    450K(758 x 592)
    Effective Pixels
    360K(724 x 494)
    420K(724 x 582)
    Practical Pixels
    360K(724 x 494)
    420K(724 x 582)
    Progressive Scan
    Lens Optical
    Zoom Megnification
    23x (f=3.6-82.8mm)
    Practical f-value
    Practical Horiz. Angle
    54(w) - 2.5(t)
    F1.6(w)* - F3.7(t)
    Zoom Speed (Manual)
    4.2s*/5.8s (soft)
    (In Preset : Trace / No-)
    2.9s/1.6s (soft)
    Manual (Far/Near)
    Provided (soft)
    Focal Range
    infinity - 1m(t) - 0.01m(w)* (soft)
    IR Cut Filter Removable
    Pro. AER+* (OFF - ON - 1/4* - 1/4k)
    Pro. AER+* (OFF - ON - 1/3* - 1/4k)
    Manual (ON/OFF)
    Provided (soft)
    500k cycles
    IR Removable
    50k cycles
    DSP Functions
    Digital Slow Shutter
    Yes (SDRAM I/) w/o WDR
    Progressive Scan
    Wide Dynamic Range
    OFF*/ON (Auto* [offset] /Manual) (soft)
    Image Reverse
    OFF*/ON (soft) w/o WDR
    Scene Memory (Freeze)
    OFF*/ON (soft)
    Privacy Zone Masking
    OFF/ON* (2 positions/movement cont.) (soft)
    Digital Zoom (Zoom Magnification)
    OFF*/ON (12x* [soft: max.12x])
    Electrical Shutter
    Pro. AE (1/60 - 1/4ks)
    Pro. AE (1/50 - 1/4ks)
    Auto (+DS Shutter)
    Pro.AE+ (1/2 - 1/4* - 1/4ks : Seamless)
    Pro.AE+ (1/1.5 - 1/3* - 1/4ks : Seamless)
    Shutter priority w/o WDR 1/2 - 1/30ks: soft
    Shutter priority w/o WDR 1/1.5 - 1/30ks: soft
    Exposure priority w/o WDR F1.6 - F34: soft
    Exposure priority w/o WDR F1.6 - F34: soft
    AGC priority w/o WDR 0 - 30dB: soft
    AGC priority w/o WDR 0 - 30dB: soft
    Manual (Sensitivity)
    32x, 16x, 8x, 4x, 2x (soft)
    Auto*/(offset: soft) w/o WDR
    White Balance
    Auto*/(manu: soft)
    Horizontal Resolution
    Normal (1/60s, 1/50s)
    470/(400) TVL
    470/(550) TVL
    DSS (1/4s, 1/3s)
    470/(400) TVL
    470/(550) TVL
    Luminance S/N Ratio
    More than 50 dB
    Min. Sensitivity
    IR-cut ON (1/60s, 1/50s)
    3 lx (Color) (Typical)
    IR-cut ON (1/4s, 1/3s)
    0.2 lx (Color)
    (1/2s, 1/1.5s)
    0.1 lx (Color)
    IR-cut OFF (1/4s, 1/3s)
    0.02* lx (B/W*)
    w/ IR illuminator (Option)
    (0 lx [B/W*])
    In 3m Condition
    (F1.6(w), 300mV)
    Sync System
    Internal/Line-Lock (60Hz)
    Internal/Line-Lock (50Hz)
    Supplied Voltage
    9-12V DC
    Supplied Current
    310mA w/ WDR
    540mA w/ WDR
    2.9W (4.7W) w/ WDR
    Dimension (W x H x D)
    50 x 60 x 89.5mm (w/ M-case)
    225g (w/ M-case)
    No. of Connectors
    1 (9 pin)
    Operating Temperature
    (Recommended) 0- 60 (0 - 40C)