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  1. Panasonic WV-CS954 Color Dome PTZ Camera

  2. Panasonic WV-CS954 Color Dome PTZ Camera

    Day/Night, Auto Focus, 30x Optical Zoom, Pan/Tilt, 360กใ Rotation . Motion Detector, Image Stabilizer, NTSC


  3. The Panasonic WV-CS954 is a color dome surveillance camera that automatically (or manually) switches to a high resolution B&W mode when it gets dark, providing dependable video surveillance 24-hours a day.

    A powerful optical 30x optical zoom brings distant objects into close view while auto focus ensures that the subject matter is always in sharp detail. A motorized hinge attachment enables a variety of automated pan/tilt functions including 256 presets and the ability for continuous 360กใ camera rotation.

    Note! Requires ceiling mount.

    Dome Style
        Provides reliable security monitoring in a low profile discrete manner.

    Super Dynamic III
        Enables true to life images in all types of lighting environments and color temperatures including rapid changing scenes of dark and light and harsh back-lit situations.

    30x Optical Zoom
        Bring distant objects into close view, the camera features a 30x optical zoom plus a 10x digital zoom for a total of 300x zoom. An ultra low speed of 0.065กใ/sec. enables highly detailed smooth zooming.

        Switches automatically (or manually) from color under available light to a high resolution B&W mode when it gets dark, ensuring quality monitoring 24-hours a day.

        A motorized pan/tilt head enables a variety of automated horizontal and vertical camera movement including 256 preset positions while a Privacy Zone feature ensures that certain areas remain out of view.

    360กใ Endless Rotation
        360กใ of endless rotation eliminates blind spots by continuously panning across an area without having to stop and go the other way.

    Image Stabilizer
        Stabilizes images when placement subjects the camera to high frequency vibrations from wind or from vehicles passing in close proximity.

    High Resolution, Low Lux
        Recording a high resolution of 540 lines in color mode and 570 lines in B&W mode, the WV-CS954 is also super light sensitive with a low lux rating of 0.5 in color mode and 0.04 in B&W mode.

    Motion Detector
        The camera uses a built-in motion detector to sound an alarm and to freeze images at the time of an event. Additionally, optional external sensors can be used as input/output devices to trigger an alarm or to activate devices, for example, locking doors or turning lights on following an alarm event.

    Scene Change Detection
        The camera will also sound an alarm when tampering is detected such as the lens being covered, spray painted, removed, defocused or if the camera pointing direction is changed.


    *  Application:  Security Video Surveillance
    *  Signal System:  NTSC
    *  Image Sensor:  1/4" Color/B&W CCD
    *  Lens
          Auto Focus
        Zoom Ratio: 300x (30x optical zoom plus 10x electronic digital zoom)
        Focal Length: 3.8 mm - 114 mm
        Maximum Aperture Ratio: 1:1.4 (WIDE) - 3.7 (TELE)
        Object Distance: 1.5 m
    *  Number of Pixels:  768 x 494
    *  Horizontal Resolution
         Color Mode: 540 Lines
        B&W Mode: 570 Lines
    *  Signal-to-Noise Ratio:  50 dB
    *  Maximum Horizontal Field-of-View
        Horizontal: 1.9กใ (TELE) - 52กใ (WIDE)
        Vertical: 1.4กใ (TELE) - 40กใ (WIDE)
    *  Pan Angle
        Panning Range: 360กใ endless
        Panning Modes: Manual, auto, manual position, sequential position
    *  Pan Speed
        Manual: approx. 0.065กใ /s -120กใ /s 8 steps, 16 steps, 64 steps
        Preset: approx. 400กใ/s
    *  Tilt Angle
        Tilting Range: -5กใ - 185กใ (horizontal - vertical - horizontal) (According to the TILT ANGLE)
        Tilting Modes: Manual, manual position, sequential position
    *  Tilt Speed
          Manual: approx. 0.065กใ/s - 120กใ/s 8 steps, 16 steps, 64 steps
          Preset: approx. 400กใ/s
    *  Signal Connectors:  BNC out x1
    *  Power Requirements:  24 VAC
    *  Power Consumption:  13 W
    *  Operating Temperature:  14 - 122 F(-10 ~ +50 C)
    *  Dimensions (WxHxD):  6 1/16" D x 9 3/16" H (154.5mm D x 233mm H)
    *  Weight:  4.84 lb (2.2 kg )