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  1. Panasonic WV-CW964 Color Weather-Proof Dome Surveillance Camera

  2. Panasonic WV-CW964 Color Weather-Proof Dome Surveillance Camera

    30x Optical Zoom, Fan/Heater, Image Stabilizer, High Speed 360กใ Panning, Motion Detector, NTSC


  3. Housed in a rugged polycarbonate housing with a built-in fan/heater, the Panasonic WV-CW964 can be used outdoors in all weather and temperatures, shielded from rain, wind, dust and remaining neutral to cold and heat variables.

    A motorized pan head provides a wide range of automated camera movements with 256 preset positions and the ability of 360กใ continuous panning. A variety of powerful settings are used to optimize picture quality in the most difficult lighting environments including extreme, high contrast light and dark settings and harsh back-lit situations.

        Designed for outdoor use, the WV-CW964's rugged metal casing shields the camera from rain, wind and dust while a built-in fan/heater keeps the camera neutral to temperature changes.

    Sun Shield
        Shields the camera from constant direct sunlight.

        Ensures quality video 24-hours a day by automatically (or manually) switching from color to B&W mode when it gets very dark.

    Super Dynamic III
        Employs powerful pixel based 128x Dynamic Range technology to deliver consistently sharp images in the most difficult lighting conditions including areas with a shadowy mixture of bright and dark and extreme back-lit environments.

    Digital Noise Reduction
        Eliminates picture noise enabling the clear capture of a car's license plates without being marred by bright headlights.

    Image Stabilizer
        Stabilizes high frequency vibrations caused by high wind or by aircraft and trucks passing in close proximity.

    Auto Tracking
        Automatically engages the camera's pan and tilt features to track a body moving across its field of view while keeping the subject in the center of the image.

    High Speed Panning
        A motorized pan/tilt head enables panning speeds up to 400 degrees a second with a maximum of 256 preset positions.

    360กใ Endless Panning
        Enables continuous lens rotation without needing to stop and go the other way, eliminating blind spots when panning around an entire area.

    30x Optical
        The camera features a powerful 30x optical plus 10x digital zoom for a total of 300x zoom.

    Image Hold
        Eliminates picture blur when panning or during camera adjustments by freezing and storing the image occurring before camera movement.

    Digital Flip
        Digitally reverses the image ensuring that subjects passing directly underneath the camera remain in the upright position when viewed.

    Motion Detector
        Sounds an alarm and begins storing images to an external recorder when it senses movement, ensuring quick retrieval of crucial alarm event footage.

    Optional External Sensors
        Optional external sensors can be used as input/output devices to trigger alarms and to activate equipment following an alarm event.

    Privacy Masking
        Uses gray or mosaic to mask out a portion of the picture that is unwanted or illegal.

    Patrol Learn
        Memorizes your manual camera settings and automatically reproduces them at the flip of a switch.

    Multiple Language
        Menu setup is available in eight languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese.


    *  Application:  Weather-Proof Outdoor Video Surveillance
    *  Signal System:  NTSC
    *  Image Sensor:  1/4" Color/B&W CCD
    *  Lens
         Auto Focus
        Zoom Ratio: 30x (approx. 300x with digital zoom)
        Focal Length: 3.8 mm - 114 mm
        Maximum Aperture Ratio: 1:1.4 (WIDE) ~ 3.6 (TELE)
        Object Distance: 1.5 m
        Iris Range: F1.4 ~ 22, Close
    *  Number of Pixels:  768 x 494
    *  Horizontal Resolution
         Color Mode: 540 lines
        B&W Mode: 570 lines
    *  Signal-to-Noise Ratio:  50 dB
    *  Maximum Horizontal Field-of-View
         Horizontal: 1.8 กใ (TELE) - 52 กใ (WIDE)
        Vertical: 1.4 กใ (TELE) ~ 40 กใ (WIDE)
    *  Pan Angle:  360กใ Endless
    *  Pan Speed
         Manual: approx. 0.065 กใ/s ~ 120 กใ/s 8 steps, 16 steps, 64 steps
        Preset: approx. 400 กใ/s
    *  Tilt Angle
        Tilting Range: -5 กใ - 185 กใ (horizontal - vertical - horizontal)
    (According to the TILT ANGLE)
        Tilting Modes: Manual, manual position, sequential position
    *  Tilt Speed
        Manual: approx. 0.065 กใ/s ~ 120 กใ/s 8 steps, 16 steps, 64 steps
        Preset: approx. 400 กใ/s
    *  Preset Positions:  256
    *  Signal Connectors
         BNC out x1
        8-Pin alarm input connector x1
        4-Pin Alarm Output Connector x1
        RS485 Data Port (for RJ-12) x1
    *  Power Requirements:  24 VAC
    *  Power Consumption:  17 W
    *  Operating Temperature:  -40 ~ +122 F(-40 ~ 50 C)
    *  Dimensions (WxHxD):  9 7/16" D x 15 9/16" H( 239mm D x 395.5mm H)
    *  Weight:  10.4 lb(4.7 kg )