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  1. SONY FCB-EV5300 HD 20x Colour Camera Module Block Camera

  2. SONY FCB-EV5300 HD 20x Colour Camera Module Block Camera

    Full HD (1080/60P), 20x optical zoom lens, HD Block Camera ,advanced features model


  3. These cameras off er excellent picture quality, thanks to the use of Exmor™ CMOS image sensors and high-performance optical zoom lenses. Now Sony's FCB-EV Series covers a range of products from 10x to 30x, HD and Full-HD, and with or without analog video output, allowing you to select the right camera according to your specific and varying needs.

    All of these cameras inherit a multitude of features from Sony's world-renowned FCB Series including Wide-D*1, Auto ICR, and Spherical Privacy Zone Masking. These useful featuresare suitable for an array of applications and designed to satisfy all your needs.

    *   Industry best WDR technology
    *   Industry best image stabilizer & focal plane distortion correction technology
    *   New defog function
    *   New AE for low luminance performance improvement
    *   Other features
    *   Industry top-level low power consumption
    *   60FPS & 30FPS support
    *   HLC ( Tentative )
    *   Low luminance performance improvement

    SONY FCB-EV5300 HD Camera Features:

    * Capture crisp, clear Full-HD (1080/60p) images
    The high-performance 1/3-type Exmor CMOS image sensor achieves superb Full-HD (1920 x 1080) picture quality, even in lowlight environments. Progressive scanning assures smoother pictures with reduced blur ¨C ideal for capturing the detail in moving images.

    * Get a steadier picture with image stabilizer
    The camera's built-in image stabilizer function counters the eff ect of blurred, shaky images caused by low-frequency vibration. This is useful for outdoor surveillance and traffic monitoring applications, particularly if the camera is used on a bridge or mounting pole where it is subjected to wind or mechanical vibration.

    * StableZoom
    Image stabilizer and optical/digital zoom are combined to enhance picture quality while maintaining the original horizontal angle of view. This ensures no compromise in image size, and reduces blurring.

    * 2D/3D noise reduction
    Advanced noise reduction technology filters noise from the image for clearer results,especially in low-light conditions. Noisereduction can be selected from five levels to suit a wide range of operating environments.


    * See more clearly with Visibility Enhancer
    Picture quality is enhanced dynamically and adaptively on a pixel-by-pixel basis while continuously adapting to the scene within the given dynamic range.

    * Wide dynamic range
    Wide-D image processing technology gives the ability to see clear, detailed images in high-contrast or backlit environments. All models now support an exceptionally wide 130 dB dynamic range, which is activated via VISCA command.

    * De-fog
    The de-fog feature allows clearer and natural viewing in foggy or misty scenes. When this feature is activated, the camera detects the haze level and automatically applies the required effects. Depending on user requirements, the level of these effects can be adjusted via VISCA command.

    * HLC (High Light Compensation)
    HLC technology helps to improve, for example, the visibility of license plates when bright headlights are shot under low-light conditions. The bright parts in the image are masked and compensated for automatically to achieve better visibility.

    * Clear vision around the clock with Day/Night
    Benefit from optimized picture quality in changing light conditions ¨C a frequent challenge in around-the-clock security operations. In high sensitivity mode the FCB-EV5300 can operate eff ectively in lighting levels as low as 0.05 lx (ICR off ).


    * Auto ICR (Auto IR-cut Filter Removal)
    In low-light conditions, the camera automatically switches from Day to Nightmode, removing the IR-cut filter to boost sensitivity for clear pictures in near-darkness. The spherical privacy zone masking feature enables areas of view to be selectively masked for privacy. Masked areas are automatically interlocked with the camera¡¯s pan/tilt/zoom movements.

    * Choice of HD and SD output modes
    Video signal outputs are available in a range of HD (digital and analog) and SD formats, reducing integration cost and complexity by avoiding the need for additional analog/ digital converters. Video output modes can be changed 'on the fly' during normal operation, without a hardware reboot of the camera.

    * One-cable connection for simpler integration
    A single cable carries HD video signals plus VISCA communication and the power supply. Integration fl exibility is further supported by both 30-pin micro coaxial (digital output) and 24-pin FFC (analog output) interfaces.

    * Wide range of features for versatile operation
    Versatile operation is ensured by a wide range of functions and adjustments, including: White Balance modes; Picture effects (E-Flip, Nega Art, Black & White, Mirror Image, Colour Enhancement); Motion Detection/Alarm; Picture freeze; Temperature readout; Slow AE response; Electronic shutter/ slow shutter; and Title display/Camera mode display (English).

    SONY FCB-EV5300 HD Camera Specifications:

    Imager sensor 1/3-type CMOS
    Lens 20x, f=4.7mm (wide) to 94.0mm (tele), F1.6 to F3.5
    Picture quality HD 720/60p (1280 x 720)
    Minimum illumination* TBD
    Digital zoom
    12x (240x with optical zoom
    Dimensions 50 x 60 x 89.7 mm (2 x 2 3/8 x 3 5/8 inches)
    Defog Yes
    Wide-D (Wide dinamic range) 130dB
    Image stabilizer Yes
    StableZoom Yes
    Auto ICR (Auto IR-cut Filter Removal) Yes
    Spherical privacy zone masking Yes
    Noise reduction Yes
    Slow AE response Yes
    Video Output (HD) Analog: N/A Digital: Y/Cb/Cr 4:2:2 via LVDS (Signal format conforms to SMPTE 274/SMPTE 296.)

    Video Output (SD) VBS
    Signal system 720p/60, 720p/30, 720p/59.94, 720p/50, 720p/29.97, 720p/25

    SONY FCB-EV5300 HD Camera