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  1. SONY FCB-PV480 18X Progressive Scan CCD Color Block Camera

  2. SONY FCB-PV480 18X Progressive Scan CCD Color Block Camera

    SONY FCB-PV480 1/4-type Super HAD CCD C Approximately 330,000 pixels

    Condition:Brand New
    Warranty 1 years.

  3. SONY FCB-PV480 Camera:

    Sony is expanding its FCB camera series to include for the first time Progressive Scan (PS) color block models. The FCB-PV480 features Progressive Scan CCD technology with square pixels, Primary Color filters for precise color reproduction, and a digital YUV 4:2:2 interface. This camera is an optimum solution for high-speed shooting applications, such as traffic monitoring, license plate capture, and monitoring from mobile police vehicles, thanks to its progressive scan CCD sensor that produces high-quality images with crisp edges. It is also a powerful solution when it comes to still image applications. The FCB-PV480 camera incorporates a ? -type Super HAD? PS CCD with an 18x optical zoom lens. In addition, the FCB-PV480 camera can operate with a minimum illumination of 1.6 lux and is equipped with Auto ICR (IR cut filter removal) for near-infrared sensitivity. The camera outputs a VGA size image (640 x 480) and offer frame rates of 29.97 or 25 fps (switchable). The new FCB-PV480 camera combines unique features with many convenient functions inherited from previous FCB models. With its Primary Color filters and square pixel CCD, the FCB-PV480 camera achieves precise color reproduction and exceptional picture quality - a must for videoconferencing, low vision, photo booths, and document stands.

    *  1/4 type Super HAD? progressive scan CCD with primary color filters
    *  18x optical zoom lens - Angle of View (H) 48.0 (wide end) to 2.8 (tele end)
    *  Auto ICR (IR Cut Filter Removal)
    *  Frame Rate - 29.97 fps or 25 fps (switchable)
    *  Digital Image Output: VGA Image Size (640 x 480) / REC601 or REC656 or REC656 Interface / Y, Cr, Cb 4:2:2 format
    *  Minimum iIlumination - 1.6 lux (typical)
    *  Enhanced Spherical Privacy Zone Masking function
    *  E:Flip function
    *  Picture Freeze
    *  Day/Night Function
    *  Spot auto function
    *  Electronic shutter/slow shutter
    *  Internal sync only
    *  Equipped with a lens mounting adapter
    *  High-speed serial communication (max. 38.4 kbps) and TTL-signal-level control (VISCA? protocol) for quick command processing
    *  Features same dimensions and mounting hole position as Sony's popular FCB-EX480C/EX480CP models.

    *  High-Quality Images
    Adopting a 1/4-type Super HAD CCD with primary color filters and square pixels, the FCB-PV block cameras deliver exceptional picture quality, excellent color reproduction and eliminates the need for pixel-size conversion.
    Enhanced Spherical Privacy Zone Masking with Mosaic Effect
    With the FCB-PV480, unwanted or prohibited areas within an image can be masked with a mosaic effect in addition to conventional color masking with colors such as black, gray, white, red, green, blue, cyan, yellow and magenta. The prohibited areas are interlocked with Pan/Tilt/Zoom movements for comprehensive masking. A maximum of 24 masking areas can be preset to any of 160 horizontal and 120 vertical masking blocks. In addition, up to eight masking presets can be set for a specific image. A maximum of two different colors (including the mosaic pattern) can be displayed in a single image.
    *  Electronic-Flip (E-Flip)
    The FCB-PV480 camera has an E-Flip function that electronically flips an image upside down so that it is displayed on the monitor accurately. In a dome application for example, if a tracked object moves beneath the camera dome, the image can be inverted to maintain the correct orientation.
    *  Auto IR Cut Filter Removal (ICR)
    For optimized sensitivity in both day and night-time shooting applications, the FCB-PV480 camera incorporates an Auto ICR function. With a set level of darkness, the IR Cut filter is automatically disabled (ICR ON) and the infrared sensitivity is increased. With a set level of brightness, the filter is automatically enabled (ICR OFF). The ICR automatically engages depending on the ambient light, allowing the camera to be effective in a variety of lighting conditions.
    *  Picture Freeze
    The FCB-PV480 is equipped with a Picture Freeze function that allows for the output of a still image while the camera is panning, tilting, zooming, focusing,, initializing the lens, or performing preset operations. For example, the camera will output a still image before it begins to pan, tilt, or zoom, and once the operation is completed, the camera continues to display images; unnecessary images are not displayed. (A change to the default setting is required to activate this function.)

    *  Image Sensor: 1/4 type Super HAD CCD
    *  Number of Total Pixels: Approx. 330,000 pixels
    *  Lens: 18x zoom, f=4.1 mm (wide) to 73.8 mm (tele), F1.4 to F3.0
    *  Angle of View (H): 48.0 degree (wide end) to 2.8 degree (tele end)
    *  Minimum Object Distance: 35 mm (wide end) to 800 mm (tele end)
    *  Sync. System: Internal
    *  Minimum Illumination: 1.6 lux typical (50 IRE)
    *  White Balance: ATW, One Push, Manual
    *  AE Control: Auto, manual, Priority Mode, Bright, EV compensation, Backlight compensation
    *  Focusing System: Auto, Manual
    *  Privacy Zone Masking: On/Off (24 positions)
    *  Data Format: 30 fps, Image Size: VGA (640 x 480), Frame Rate: 29.97 fps, Clock Frequency: 13.5 MHz
    *  Data Format: 25 fps, Image Size: VGA (640 x 480), Frame Rate: 25 fps, Clock Frequency: 13.5 MHz
    *  Video Output: Y, Cr, Cb 4:2:2 (Y: 8 bit / Cr, Cb: 8 bit) REC 601
    *  Camera control interface: VISCA (TTL signal level)
    *  Storage Temperature: -40 C to 85 C
    *  Operating Temperature: 0 C to 50 C
    *  Power Consumption: 6.0 V to 12.0 V DC, Approx. 3.0 W
    *  Dimensions: 52.0 x 57.5 x 92.6 mm
    *  Mass: Approx. 230g
    *  Lens Adaptor Screw: yes (37mm)