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  1. H series outdoor IP intelligent high speed dome Camera

  2. H series outdoor IP intelligent high speed dome Camera

    CCD High Speed Dome Camera

    Model: BT-HHW

    Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland)

  3. Specifications:

    1) high speed dome camera
    2) 1 year warranty
    3) 200 presets
    4) CE and FCC etc
    5) life time maintainance

    * High die-cast aluminum design can dissipate heat more sufficiently; black inner-shell makes monitor much sharper.
    * Adopt 32-bit DSP processing chip with M-JPEG.
    * MPEG-4 compression format, compatible with WMV media form and support common Media Player
    * Independent operation system and separate PC circumstances, realize running more reliable.
    * Owning auto restart function with watchdog built-in, and stop system ending thoroughly.
    * Support TCP/IP, HTTP, DHCP, LAN, DSL etc.
    * Built in OSD menu and support inputting with Chinese or English, Support 20-bit English character input, Display or set parameter via menu
    * Auto-identify various SONY, HITACHI, LG, CNB, SAMSUNG, YOKO, etc, and auto read camera model when power on.
    * The first designer of wide voltage in domestic, DC12V~AC24V, no need to identify "+" or "-".
    * Soft address design can alter long-distance ID address code, no need manual dial-up.
    * Show and edit title function containing 20 English letter;  independently set the titles for camera itself, as well as Preset position, Pattern scan, Auto-level scan and zone display.
    * Auto flip with vertical 180°„ in omni-directions, no fade zone
    * 200 preset positions and titles can be set.
    * 4 patrol tracking routes, every can insert 32 spots
    * 4 patterns scan routes and continuous track record of 1000 in action, time is up to 10 minutes;
    * 4 auto levels scan routes with left & right spacing, speed can be set.
    * Position-indicating function, temperature indicator function (Celsius/Fahrenheit simultaneous display), information display, information inquiry function;
    * 8 dynamic privacy zones can be setup.
    * 8 display zones with editable title.
    * Alarm system with 4 input and 2 output channel and support the linkage (recall preset and various scan modes: Tracking, Pattern, Auto-level scan)
    * Auto activation at fixed time, and can auto execute different scans and presets after a given leisure time.
    * RS485 control, integrated various protocols, PELCO-D, PELCO-P, KALATEL, AD, PHILIPS, SAE, VCL etc.
    * Built-in temperature-controlled heating system and the speed fan
    * 3 class lightning defend, built in 3000V lightning proof, surge resistant.
    * IP 66 outer cover with all day protection. 


    Electronic Indicator
    Power Input DC12V~AC24V(Wide voltage, No identify "+"or "-")
    Power Consumption 12W
    Decoder Built-in
    Electric Machine Excellent Stepping Motor
    ID 1£≠255(remote soft address set, no need manual dial-up)
    Preset Position 200(title settable)
    Precision of Preset Positon °ņ0.1º
    Left&Right Rotation Range Continuous 360°„Rotation
    Left&Right Speed 0.1°„£≠300°„/s
    Up&Down Rotation Range Vertical 90°„£¨Auto flip 180°„
    Up&Down Speed 0.1°„£≠300°„/s
    Control Method RS485/MANCHESTER/BI-PHASE code
    Protocol Various of Pelco-P/D£¨SAE,KALATEL,VCL,AD,PHILIPS,etc.
    Baudrate 2400bps/4800bps/9600bps/19200bps selectable
    Work Environment
    Working Temperature Indoor:0ºC ~ 50ºC£¨Outdoor:-40ºC ~60ºC
    Level of Protection IP66 Shell, Lightning Proof, Surge Resistant,
    Packing Dimention(mm) L375mm*W340mm*H400mm
    Weight(kg) Wall Stru:NW 4.92kg,GW6.63kg; Lifting Stru:NW4.08kg£¨GW5.8kg; Column Stru£ļNW6.72kg,GW8.43kg; Corner Stru:NW6.78kg,GW8.48kg;