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  1. Intelligence IR 7 Inch High Speed Dome Camera

  2. Intelligence IR 7 Inch High Speed Dome Camera


  3. Description:
    * With IR-CUT switch, realize IR lamp control and zoom camera IR CUT switch synchronization, reach to perfect IR night effect.
    * Double Case protect Camera device, continuing work temperature lower than 50;
    * Use high quality components, high minute subset into TV, long life Conductive slip ring, High-quality Belts, Stable operation, high reliability.
    * Adopted domestic the most advanced "zoom and optics sync" way control IR lamp, in effect solve "electric torch" domino effect, original creation intelligent control IR lamp on and off, utilize IR light source in reason.
    * Design special camera, IR lamp sub-depot separate system, no sphere case glisten, fogging malady.
    * Constant voltage constant current circuit design, ensure IR lamp work in long time, long life. IR lamp life lasting to above 20000 hours.
    * Low Power, IR effective Distance 100 Meters.
    * Optional temperature control system, suitable for working in high or low temperature environment Science, beautiful and fixedness Structure.
    * Triple lightning protection technology, effectively raising the speed dome mine and anti-jamming capability.

    * Presets:256  
    * Patrol track:4groups, each can record 100 actions 
    * Cruise track: Total 30 presets can join cruise, can setting the presets' residence time 
    * Other scan: Support Horizontal scan, deuce area scan, scan random 
    * Rotation range: Horizontal 360unlimted rotation, Vertical 180,auto reversal
    * Rotation speed:Horizontal & Vertical Min 0.01,Max 200/S 
    * Communications: RS-485, PELCO D, PELCO P 
    * OSD: Yes  
    * Temperature control: built-in 
    * Intelligent IR lamps: 100m, auto-switch the IR distance according to the focus of camera or force to turn on/off the IR lamps through software 
    * Power supply: AC24V/3A 
    * Material: Aluminum alloy casting , and against the destruction of PC material ball hood , waterproof IP66
    * Work environment: -20~+50(select temperature control accessories), <95%RH 
    * Size: 7 inch
    * Weight: 7KG