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  1. 900 TV 1/3 type Megapixel Progressive Scan Ex-View Color CCD Camera Hitachi DI-SC220

  2. 900 TV 1/3 type Megapixel Progressive Scan Ex-View Color CCD Camera Hitachi DI-SC220


  3. Description:

    The Hitachi DI-SC220 delivers Full HD 1080p video in a compact chassis design. Key features include 20X optical zoom, 16 bit digital interface supporting BT.709 or BT.1120 formats, eight different frame outputs and 1.6 typical lux sensitivity. Lastly, the camera supports Hitachi register based protocol and our new function based protocol for easier control of the unit. The DI-SC220 is meant for demanding applications in telepresence, traffic, low vision and surveillance.


     *  Hitachi DSP 8 camera control
     *  20X Optical Zoom F1.6 and practical f value 4.7-94mm
     *  IR Cut Filter Removable for Day/Night Capability
     *  1.6 lux typical sensitivity, 50 IRE, 0.04 lux IR Cut Filter Off
     *  YUV422 16 bit Digital Output Modes, 1280x720 60fps
     *  1/3" Megapixel Progressive Scan Ex-View Color CCD
     *  900 TV Lines of Resolution
     *  Frame Noise Reduction, Wide Dynamic Range, Dynamic Spot Cancel
     *  Privacy Masking 8 Zone 3-D, 4/1 Screen
     *  Operating Temperature 0-60 degrees C


    High Definition Video
    The DI-SC220 is a chassis camera that outputs digital video at 1920x1080, 30fps.

    Built-In Optical Power Zoom Lens
    The DI-SC220 built in X20 optical zoom lens is highly reliable and offers auto focus, auto iris and zoom functions, letting the user monitor a scene from any desired angle of view. The IR Cut Filter function when enabled improves picture quality in low light.

    High Resolution
    The chassis is equipped with a 1.3 Megapixel  1/3 inch CMOS sensor.  Effective resolution at 1920x1080 is 900TV lines.

    Video Output
    YUV422 Y8bit + C8bit + HSYNC+VSYNC+Clock

    Frame Noise Reduction
    This feature reduces the amount of video noise in low light.

    (Artificial Intelligence) Digital Signal Processing Control
    Auto Iris: Adjusts iris so that video output is kept at a fixed level, even if surrounding illumination changes.
    Auto White Balance: Provides natural color reproduction according to ambient lighting.

    Remote Control through RS-232C
    Remote operations are possible via the RS-232C, which allows control of the camera¡¯s focus, iris and zoom.

    2H Vertical Enhancer
    Vertical edges are digitally enhanced to make recorded images clear and stable - useful when monitoring a moving object.